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Luxurious silk cushion with 'Amazon' print and rope piping designed by KOTA 


A perfect size for the couch or bed, and with poly fibre filling, these are just as comfortable as they are stunning.


  • 100% real Silk Satin
  • Rope trim in Ivory white
  • Printed both sides
  • Poly padding
  • Detachable cushion cover with hidden zip


Size options/ Measurements: 

16''/ 40 cm Medium

12''/ 30cm Small

Color:  green/gray

Made in UK.



Amazon - silk cushion

PriceFrom £79.00
  • KOTA being a sustainable brand we only keep a stock of handfull of items in stock, usually of 1 each. If you reguire multiple amounts of the same item, that can be easily done (all made in UK) or if your chosen option is not showing in inventory.... please get in touch: to place your order.

    Usual delivery times are 2-3 for multiple quantitity / per item orders.

  • To keep your cushions bright, soft and silky for years and years, we recommend dry cleaning your cushions. This ensures the print quality is maintained and the fabric is kept in pristine condition.

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