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Stunning velvet cushion from Bubblegum collection!

Double sided: wave print on front and plain pink on reverse. (Note: A perfect match with 'Lollipop' collection)

Colour: Mint green, lavender & bubblegum pink

Material: soft velvet

Wash: 30c degrees , zip for easy removal

Size options:

Small 30cm x 30cm / £46

Medium 40cm x 40cm / £62

Made in UK



Bubblegum - velvet cushion

PriceFrom £46.00
  • KOTA being a sustainable brand we only keep a stock of handfull of items in stock, usually of 1 each. If you reguire multiple amounts of the same item, that can be easily done (all made in UK) Please get in touch: to place your order.

    Usual delivery times are 2-3 for multiple quantitity / per item orders.

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