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Say no to trends and yes to style!

For the past year, we have all spent more time at home than possibly.. well ever! - either working, shielding or having a staycation..

How we feel can be lifted up by surroundings that inspire (or calm us), are functional (or fun) and just make every day a little bit brighter.

By changing your decor to meet your individual needs is where we at KOTA Designs, can bring our expertise to you.

Be it a redesign of your office, home or something in-between. A fesh designs for a new businesses such as cafes, hair salons or creatives studios, get in touch to tell us your wishes and to hear

what we can offer.

Our services include:

Full interior design services

Interiors styling

KOTA collection products (all made in UK)

KOTA Unique one off soft furnishings

+ sourcing of antique/vintage/retro or art for that final touch!

See more at our 'services' section or drop us an email:

x Krista Puranen Wilson

Designer / KOTA

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