For the past year, we have all spent more time at home than possibly.. well ever! - either working, shielding or having a staycation..

How we feel can be lifted up by surroundings that inspire (or calm us), are functional (or fun) and just make every day a little bit brighter.

By changing your decor to meet your individual needs is where we at KOTA Designs, can bring our expertise to you.

Be it a redesign of your office, home or something in-between. A fesh designs for a new businesses such as cafes, hair salons or creatives studios, get in touch to tell us your wishes and to hear

what we can offer.

Our services include:

Full interior design services

Interiors styling

KOTA collection products (all made in UK)

KOTA Unique one off soft furnishings

+ sourcing of antique/vintage/retro or art for that final touch!

See more at our 'services' section or drop us an email:

x Krista Puranen Wilson

Designer / KOTA

Wishing you all a cosy Christmas from KOTA!

We are going to be in Scandinavia for our Xmas break and inspiration trip between 20th December 2020-11th January 2021.

During this time, our online shop stays open for made-to-order products but our Newcastle showroom shop will be closed. If you are unsure how quickly you can get your orders, please message us first before placing your order:

For 2021 we are working towards bringing our colourful products closer to you, provided by a range of retailers first time ever! (More later)

Here is to a brighter and safer new year!

x Krista/ KOTA

Our Newcastle showroom/studio is open for your Xmas shopping!

We got our KOTA collection items ready to be picked and extra samples that never made it into our webshop! Plus Scandinavian fabrics and table ware by Kauniste, Andbross cardboard lights (all on sale).. and MOOMIN products of course!

Find our event also in Facebook:


Thursday 10th December 3-6pm

Saturday 12th December 11-3pm

Thursday 17th December 3-6pm

Saturday 19th December 11-3pm

(KOTA will be on Xmas break 20.12.-10.1 2021)

Ps. If you prefer different dates/times, please get in touch:

x Krista/ KOTA

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